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Monday, May 28, 2012

Friend to Yourself

I need to work on my real blogging.  I say real blogging because I have an alter-ego named Granny Enchanted and she blogs all the time.  I suppose there’s something about being able to market something else besides myself that is comforting.  Isn’t that the case with everyone?  It is so much easier to see the value of someone else, but when we, especially women, look at ourselves it’s such a hard thing to find what makes us valuable.

I was imagining myself walking beside my Savior on a beach.  Perhaps He’d pick up a rock and admire it before setting it down and moving on.  I know I’d stop and pick up that rock.  I know I’d keep it in my pocket and treasure it because it was something my Savior had loved and admired, even if only for a moment.  I know, sisters, that He loves us so much more than he could love a rock.  He died for us and atoned for our sins because he loved us so dearly and wanted us beside Him forever.  How precious and dear we must be to Him.  Yet, am I as good to myself as I would be to that rock?  I would never look at that rock and call it ugly, stupid, or inadequate.  Rather, I’d turn it over in my hands and study it, striving to see what the Savior had seen in it.  What does the Savior see in me or you?  He has the benefit of knowing our full potential.  Though we cannot know that full potential, can’t we guess at it?  We are divine daughters of a Heavenly King.  We are the offspring of Heavenly Parents.

If a kitten grows to be a Cat and a puppy matures to be a Dog, doesn’t it stand to reason that the sons and daughters of God would mature to be Gods?  It is a staggering potential.  And though we aren’t near our full potential at the moment, we are precious treasures in His eyes, for He knows our true worth.

I know that the Lord would never catch me treating ill even a rock He had admired for the shortest of moments.  How would He feel if He did?  What if he caught me with chisel and hammer, beating away at the rock He’d admired?  I wonder about that when I catch myself mentally berating myself.  What am I doing?  How would God, my Father, feel about me treating one of His daughters in such a way?  How would I feel if I found my own daughter on the ground, huddled under a barrage of insults?  I would be very displeased and upset with whoever treated her in such a way.  Do I displease my God when I demean myself, when I demean someone He loves?  I believe I do.  So despite my displeasure with myself, freckles and all, I remember who I am, who loves me, and what my potential is.  I hope you know who you are.  I hope you remember who it is that loves and values you.  And I hope remembering this brings you to a happy place in life where you can be a friend to yourself.

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