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Sunday, September 4, 2011

President at Our House

I was sitting in a Primary Sharing Time one Sunday when I saw very clearly what I should do if I were Primary president. I furrowed my brow, a little worried. My thoughts didn’t usually run that direction. Indeed I can say they ran away from that direction as much as possible. Perhaps it was the Spirit telling me I would be president. I sighed in relief as I thought about it. Though our sweet Primary president was moving, I knew I was safe. First off, I have to be the least reverent teacher in Primary. Second, my husband was already Elder’s Quorum president. I’ve been in Primary for nearly seventeen years and have held all the callings except for three; One of those being Primary president.

When the Bishop called me into his office and said, “I’m sure the Spirit has already told you what this is about.” My mind sped through a tunnel of memories to that day in Sharing Time. Surely I would be a nursery leader or secretary… only I know what I saw. For a split second in that Sharing Time I saw a big view of what I should do. I leaned back, “Not Primary president?” I squeaked, trying to dissolve into the back of my chair.

He nodded, assuring me they’d put it off as long as they could but it was the answer they kept receiving. I argued that I wasn’t reverent enough to hold that calling and he kindly said, “Call reverent counselors.” That’s the beginning of the story and the end isn’t too long after it. I’d held the calling for a week when I woke at four in the morning and sat straight up in bed. I clearly saw how I was to organize everything for the next President. I needed to work like there was no tomorrow to be ready. Hmmm, what could I possibly do in the future to be booted out of my calling so soon? I shrugged. A revelation is a revelation. So I pushed up my sleeves and started organizing down to the tiniest details.

The mystery was solved a few weeks later when over the pulpit the new handbook was introduced and two presidents in one house became a solid no-no. I stood up as the sacrifice because, unlike my husband, Heavenly Father had already told me I was to prepare for the presidency change. Okay, let’s be honest here. We both jumped up and down, shoving the other out of the way, saying “Me! Me!” I just won, that’s all. He’s still got a few good years in him.

The new Primary president turned out to be wonderful and the change was made with little fanfare. Aside from being the quirky organization tech, why would I have a short calling like that for just a few months? To liberate women everywhere, that’s why. Ladies! We are living beneath our privileges. We all have a mountainous mansion of personal revelation to live in and we’re choosing to live in the garage. When I was president, Heavenly Father helped me see the problems that were coming. I’d have them dealt with before they arrived. I knew that no matter what, I couldn’t screw up this calling because it was His work. I had unwavering faith that my efforts were consecrated and He would amplify my natural talents and abilities. The key to my constant stream of revelation for my calling was unwavering faith. I knew that I was doing what Heavenly Father wanted me to do. I knew I was doing His work. I knew in my little corner I was building the kingdom. I knew I wasn’t all that great but Heavenly Father would make it work out anyway.

Today I want to talk to you about using the power of faith at home. When I was released I asked if the Bishopric counselor could set me apart to be a mother, wife, and homemaker. He laughed nervously, wondering if I was batty. Some of the power I had was because I was set apart to do my calling via priesthood power. However, the bulk of the power Heavenly Father shared with me was from faith.

The week before I was released we had a Primary function to plan and execute. I knew by then who the new president would be and I’d been working with her to get ready to hold the reigns. Everything just went screwy for that whole Great to be Eight presentation. I pulled her aside and asked, “Do you think, perhaps, that you have the mantle of the calling right now, and not me?” I asked because before that everything had gone my way, or rather HIS way. Everything was easy. The way was prepared before me. I needed only to stand ready to serve and he made the path smooth so long as I obeyed his will and the revelations he was giving me. Why, all of a sudden, was everything going so…I can’t say wrong, but it was downright average compared to earlier perfection?

I had lost faith in my position and my mission. For whatever short time I had left I was president. Through some sincere prayer and supplication it became clear to me that the power was in my faith. For the last few weeks of my calling I reminded myself often that He was there helping, guiding, and making the way smooth. I reminded myself that it was His business I was about and nothing could go too wrong. Through the last day, everything went fine.

Sisters, how much more important than a Sunday calling is our calling at home as mothers, wives, and homemakers? Are we not on the Lord’s errand as we change diapers? Are we not caring for His little ones and building His kingdom? How much confidence do we have in our callings at home? Do we trust that our work is divine? Do we acknowledge a loving Heavenly Father who wants us to succeed in building His Kingdom and will therefore assist us and amplify our natural talents and sincere efforts in the HOME?

Do we fret about our problems after we pray or do we trust that He will help us where we need it as we stand ready to serve? In my office hangs a sign, “Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles. It empties today of its strength.” Do we worry that we are inadequate in our duties? Do we beat ourselves up because we cannot reach our ideals in our service to family and home? If you do, I will tell you plainly, you have forgotten your God. You have forgotten that it isn’t about you at all. You are on His errand. You are His angel. It is not by our own abilities that success in the home will be achieved. This calling is too large for that. We must let Him make us more than we can be when we lean to our own understanding. He will let us see His vision for our families and homes and He will help us bring that vision to fruition.

With confidence plant your feet firmly as a divine daughter of God. Know that you are about His business. Know that He will amplify your talents and efforts for the sake of His children, for the sake of His kingdom. That confidence is faith. That faith will pull down the power of heaven to assist you in the great work you do within the walls of your homes. His work. Stay close to Him and He will not let you fail on His errand.

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