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Monday, May 2, 2011

Hearts Through Time

In Marie Higgins’ ghost story, Hearts Through Time, beautiful Abigail Carlisle finally finds the man she’s been searching for all her death. She doesn’t want him for his looks, his flashy car, or his law degree. He’s just the right man, in the right building, with the right initials. Before she died her grandmother told her she’d find a solicitor with the initials N.M. who would help her.

Nick Marshal is renovating his career when he meets the ethereal Abigail, garbed in elegant 1912 attire, complete with an overly large, bow trimmed hat. In a way I wish this had been a period movie. I love to watch old movies that require hours of choreography so male actors can seamlessly dodge the
wide brimmed hats and feathers of elegant ladies.

It doesn’t take long for Nick to pass a hand through Abigail’s insubstantial body and figure out he’s either seeing a ghost, or having a nervous breakdown. As Nick thinks over the mystery of Abigail’s murder and begins taking actions to solve it, Abigail becomes more solid. He is able to touch her and, little by little, she takes form as they develop feelings for one another. Alas, fate finds them hopelessly entangled in syrupy, doe-eyed love only to thrust them into the past.

There, alive and kicking, Abigail can’t remember Nick, who's wearing an Armani suit that marks him as alien to the inhabitants of 1912 Sacramento. However, even time can’t prevent their love, and soon they’re rushing across rooms into each other’s arms again. But can Nick prevent Abigail’s impending murder? How will they ever be able to stay together?

Call me waxing poetic, but there is something in Nick’s reaching out to the unsolid vision before him that’s akin to us reaching for our own dreams and desires. When first our imaginations alight on a dream or desire, it is insubstantial, just like Abigail’s ghostly body. However, as we let our minds chew on those dreams to the point where we can’t help but take action towards attaining them, we find our dreams solidifying into reality before us.

Ten reasons I like this book:

1. Marie Higgins flushes out a sweet romance that’s squeaky clean, meaning she spares the reader the world of lusty, hormonal characters.

2. She does it twice because Abigail falls in love all over again in 1912.

3. Marie weaves a whodunnit that had me really wondering "who done it?" Predictable is not the word to describe this book.

4. Nick Marshal tosses the scantily clad, clacky stiletto heeled swimsuit model. Whoot!

5. Abigail dares to live her own dreams instead of her father’s.

6. Down and out in 1912 Sacramento, Nick picks himself up and gets a job.

7. Even though she’s sent the servants away for the day, Abigail can still cook.

8. Who wouldn’t love the cover of the book? Gorgeous!

9. Hearts Through Time entertained my thirteen year old daughter.

10. In Higgins’ 1912 Sacramento, attractive women pull up to attractive men in Armani suits and pat the passenger seat in invitation, just like they do today.